Departmental Bulletin Paper 曲直瀬道三の察証弁治と中国医法の受容 : 腰痛を中心に
MANASE Dosan's Satsusho Benchi : Focusing on Lumbago

熊野, 弘子

50pp.163 - 187 , 2017-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) features the bianzheng lunzhi system, a term that refers to diagnosis and treatment based on a general analysis of symptoms and signs. Manase Dosan (1507-1594) accepted this set of theories, which came to be called satsusho benchi in Japan. This paper considers the satsusho benchi of lumbago by taking a concrete look at medical books associated with Dosan's school (Dosan, Dosan's teachers, and disciples). The books quote Yuji Weiyi and others, emphasizing differential diagnosis, pulse examination, prescription drugs by Bianzheng (identifying cause of disease), and the Jingluo (meridians)

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