Departmental Bulletin Paper エドキンズの官話教科書が記述したことがら
Analyzing the Characteristics of the Mandarin Dialect in Edkins's Chinese Mandarin Textbooks

塩山, 正純

50pp.115 - 125 , 2017-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
J. Edkins's "Progressive Lessons in the Chinese Spoken Language with List of Common Words and Phrases and an Appendix Containing the Laws of Tones in the Peking Dialect" is a textbook on the Mandarin dialect published in 1862, which was subsequently revised four times in the 19th century (1864, 1869, 1881, and 1889). This textbook was written for Western learners, which means that topics and vocabulary are limited to trade between Western and China, and the specific areas where westerners lived in China. This volume therefore does not allow us to conceive of a true image of Chinese linguistic communications in 19th century directly. However, this textbook classified the vocabulary of Mandarin - the common dialect of modern China - by Western concepts, recorded the pronunciation of this language using the alphabet, and described expressions of time influenced by Western concepts in many cases. Through analyzing the content written in this textbook, this paper provides a true picture of linguistic image of the time written by Western people.

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