Departmental Bulletin Paper 『諸道勘文神鏡』所引『唐暦』新出逸文の紹介と検討 : 唐代の銅魚符制度を中心に
Introduction and Consideration of the Lost Document Tang Li in Shodō Kanmon Shinkyō : Focusing on Tong Yufu of the Tang Dynasty

姚, 晶晶

50pp.129 - 144 , 2017-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
Study Notes
The collection of documents on the divine mirror (one of the three Japanese imperial regalia) entitled Shodō Kanmon Shinkyō, is thought to have been written by the hakase shodō scholars of the imperial academies. Many excerpts and references to literary Japanese works can be seen in these documents. Because there are references to fish-shaped Tong Yu authorization tallies in the lost history documents, known as Tang Li - which are quoted in the Shodō Kanmon Shinkyō - they became a focus of attention and appeared often in other works as well. The Tong Yu tallies are related to fish-shaped Yu Fu and Yu Dai authorization tallies, which were prevalent in the Tang period. In this paper, after providing an overview of the divine mirror and permission to recast the divine mirror, which was burnt in a fire in 1040, I will introduce fragments from the lost Tang Li. By doing so, my goals is to delineate the changes in the Tong Yufu tallies in the Sui and Tang periods and examine their relationship with the recasting of the divine mirror of the Japanese imperial regalia.

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