Departmental Bulletin Paper 東アジア地域における龍身白澤図像の伝播と受容 : 西安戸県の白澤像を中心に
The Spread and Acceptance of Dragon Body Hakutaku Icon in East Asia Focusing on Xian Huxian's Hakutaku Statue

岡部, 美沙子

10pp.279 - 297 , 2017-03-31 , 関西大学大学院東アジア文化研究科
文部科学省グローバルCOEプログラム 関西大学文化交渉学教育研究拠点
"Hakutaku (Baize 白澤)" is a divine animal that appears in ancient Chinese mythology. In China, Hakutaku's icon has been expressed like "tiger's head and dragon’s body" or "dragon's head and animal body". This icon spreaded from China to Korea. And it has been handed down. In contrast, Hakutaku icon is expressed like "human face and ox body" in both Japan and Ryukyu (琉球). Xian (西安) Huxian (戸県)'s Hakutaku statue show us two kinds of possibility. The one can provide the evidence for the ox body Hakutaku, which appears in China, the other can show the possibility Hakutaku and Kirin (Qilin 麒麟) that is made up a pair.

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