Departmental Bulletin Paper 社会主义者的矢野龙溪 -以《新社会》为中心-
Exploring the Socialist Identity of Ryuukei Yano -Focusing on His Work in the New Society-

周, 艳君

Ryuukei Yano (1850-1931) played many different roles throughout his career. He served as the president of the Houchi Newspaper; as the vice-president of Osaka Mainichi Newspaper, and was also the Japanese ambassador to China during the Qing dynasty. However it is little known that Ryuukei Yano was also a socialist who actively took part in political socialism. One of the most prominent manifestations of his work as a socialist was his publication of the socialist newspaper known as New Society. The New society was reprinted as much as 17 times in half a year after its initial print run began on the 5th of July 1902. This newspaper attracted many people’s attention, however it was criticized by other Japanese socialists due to its perceived “incompleteness” in regards to socialist ideology. This paper looks at Yano’s Socialist ideology by examining the ideas expressed in New Society, with the objective of bringing Yano’s identity as a socialist thinker into clearer relief.

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