Departmental Bulletin Paper イギリスにおける偽装緑茶の化学的分析法の確立 -Robert Warington の‶Observations on the Green Teas of Commerce” を中心に-
The Chemical Analyses of Adulterated Green Teas in Britain Focusing on the Observations on the Green Teas of Commerce by Robert Warington

趙, 思倩

In mid-17th century Britain, while coffeehouses were public places wherepeople would meet for conversation and the carrying out of business, the drinking of tea had become an indispensable part of ordinary life. Chinese green tea dominated almost the entire tea market in Britain at this time, and China was the major exporter. The expansion of the consumer market that increased demand for green teas, as well as free trade encouraged the adulteration of teaproducts as this increased profits. From the beginning of green tea’s introductioninto Britain in the 17th century, green tea was liable to adulteration because of its high price. The adulteration of green tea and public awareness of such adulteration were spurred on by the rise of modern chemistry. The development of analytic chemistry allowed researchers to detect and describe the methodsand effects of adulteration while, ironically, making the formula for adulteration clear and available. The complicated issues surrounding the adulteration of green tea during this period have not yet been fully studied. This paper will look at the adulteration of green tea during this time by examining the chemical analyses of adulterated green teas, and will also look at “Observations on the Green Teas of Commerce”, written by Robert Warington.

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