Departmental Bulletin Paper 三國莊と聴竹居 -二つの実験住宅の比較に見る近代生活へのアプローチ-
Mikuniso and Chochikukyo - Housing Suitable for a Modern Lifestyle -

原田, 喜子

In 1928, the Mikuniso and Chochikukyo houses were built. Mikuniso was designed by the aesthetician Muneyoshi Yanagi (1889-1961), and Chochikukyo was designed by the architect Koji Fujii (1888-1938). Yanagi and Fujii each researched housing that would prove suitable for a modern lifestyle. During this period Japanese lifestyle was becoming more and more westernized. The style of housing being made mixed Japanese styles with western forms. Yanagi and Fujii expressed their ideals of house design respectively in the Mikuniso and Chochikukyo. Mikuniso and Chochikukyo were equipped with western style, modern furnishings such as a parlor, a table set, and a gas stove. Yanagi and Fujii were enthusiastic in their introduction of western technology and customs. However the outward appearance of their houses remained in the traditional Japanese style, and traditional Japanese customs such as the removal of shoes before entering the house were maintained in order to avoid offending Japanese sensibilities. Also the houses were built in such a way as to make living during the heat of summer more tolerable. With all their innovation and introduction of western conveniences, Yanagi and Fujii could not avoid compromising with traditional customs and the Japanese climate. Yanagi and Fujii responded in their housing design to the changes in Japanese lifestyle, while maintaining traditional forms that still suited the natural environment and the Japanese taste.

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