Departmental Bulletin Paper 研究ノート スリランカにおける女性労働の現状:スリランカでのチーム作業方式導入に向けての予備的考察
The current situation of Sri Lankan female workers: as a preliminary study for the introduction of Sri Lankan teamworking

森田, 雅也  ,  ワンニナーヤカ, マンジュラ

48 ( 1 )  , pp.139 - 152 , 2016-11-15 , 関西大学社会学部
This paper primarily focuses on the current situation of Sri Lankan female workers and this aims to explore the dynamics and characteristics of teamwork in Sri Lanka. The results of the research shed out the characteristics as follows. The female workersʼparticipation ratio is lower than the international average score though the opportunity to work has been expanded and promulgated by the government policies. The obstacles for women to participate in the labour force are further emphasized because of the following reasons: 1) normative consciousness in the society, 2) the existence of the division of labour according to gender, 3) insufficient labour laws and 4) the management style. Promoting teamwork may have the possibility of changing the management style, which may lead to a better and more efficient workplace for female workers in order for them to work productively as well as to fulfill their abilities.

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