Departmental Bulletin Paper 産業財におけるサービス開発とICTの役割
The determinant of ICT enabling service developmen in B to B contexts

西岡, 健一

61 ( 2 )  , pp.31 - 50 , 2016-10-10 , 關西大學商學會
The paper aims to clarify the determinants of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) enabled service development in the business-to-business context and to develop a framework for innovative business systems. Two Japanese companies are selected for the inductive case study based on the type of B2B relationships; an EC platform provider for industrial manufacturers and a servitized manufacturer dealing with agricultural machines. Both cases features the usage ICT to evolve their business to target business customers, especially focusing on customization and user-friendly interfaces. These case studies reveals that scalability and flexibility are the antecedent of developing a service system on service innovation. The study emphasizes visualizing processes and autonomy on real-time basis to be the determinants of ICT-enabled service development.

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