Departmental Bulletin Paper [Research Note] Intercultural communications related phenomena on Facebook

KUBOTA, Mayumi

44pp.43 - 53 , 2016-08-10 , 関西大学総合情報学部
This is a preliminary study to investigate intercultural communications related phenomena on Facebook, conducted by focusing on the behaviors of Facebook users. In particular, the behaviors exhibited by Filipino and Japanese undergraduate students when using Facebook were investigated. These Filipino students and Japanese students interacted face to face in classes at the Technical University of the Philippines for three days as one of the activities done during the study tour. After the face to face meeting, they had a chance to continue their friendship through Facebook. The research was twofold: the first phase was conducted by one of the author’s seminar students, Ms. Kei Murakami as her graduation thesis, and the second was conducted by the author. The Facebook contents of 11 Filipino students and 13 Japanese students were analyzed mainly in terms of posting and tagging, and two Japanese students were interviewed thoroughly. Based on the results, the specific usages of Facebook by Filipino students and Japanese students were revealed and discussed in the terms of “pictures posted,” “functions of Timeline,” and “number of Facebook friends.” In conclusion, the phenomena of intercultural communication was proposed for further future study using the value orientation developed by Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck (1961).

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