Departmental Bulletin Paper 制度的対象の特別視をやめる
Challenging the Perception of Institutional Entities as Special

植原, 亮

44pp.1 - 13 , 2016-08-10 , 関西大学総合情報学部
Institutional entities such as money are often perceived as “special” objects. According to a dominant view about them, called “collective intentionalism”, institutional entities are ontologically distinct from other ordinary artifacts because they cannot exist without people’s collective intentionality, and this ontological distinctiveness is reflected in their epistemological and methodological uniqueness. This study aims to show how to challenge such philosophical attitudes toward institutional entities. Firstly, it critically examines collective intentionalism. Secondly, it presents “behavior theory” as an alternative view to collective intentionalism and tries to show its plausibility. Finally, it addresses two possible questions about behavior theory.

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