Journal Article Fabrication of nanocone arrays by two step metal assisted chemical etching method

SHIMIZU, Tomohiro  ,  TANAKA, Norihiro  ,  TADA, Yoshihiro  ,  HARA, Yasuhiro  ,  NAKAMURA, Noriaki  ,  TANIUCHI, Junichi  ,  TAKASE, Koichi  ,  ITO, Takeshi  ,  SHINGUBARA, Shoso

pp.55 - 59 , 2016-01-27 , Elsevier
This work develops a novel method for preparing a moth eye structure, which has a sub-wavelength periodical Si nanocone structure on Si (100) substrate, using two-step metal assisted chemical etching (MACE). The 1st and 2nd MACE were respectively performed with the intention to form perpendicular Si nanowire arrays on a Si substrate and sharpening the Si nanowire arrays. We found the inhomogeneous absorption and aggregation of Au particles used as a catalyst for 2nd MACE was important to obtain the nanocone shape. The obtained Si nanocone arrays showed superior anti-reflecting properties especially in wavelength below 600 nm compared to the Si nanowire arrays. A possible mechanism involved in the formation of the nanocone structure by the 2-step MACE is discussed in this paper.

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