Departmental Bulletin Paper 「関南誓書」初探

毛利, 英介

49pp.549 - 567 , 2016-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
Two treaties were concluded between the Khitai and the Northern Song, in 1004 and 1042 respectively. The first is famous as the Treaty of Shanyuan; the second, the subject of the present paper, is referred to as “the revised treaty.” A set of documents, known as the Guannan Oath, was exchanged between the Khitai and the Northern Song when the revised treaty was signed in 1042. The present paper specifically addresses the following:▪ A translation of the Guannan Oath into modern Japanese, and an analysis of itscomposition as a text.▪ A comparison of the provisions of the Guannan Oath with those of the Shanyuan Oath.▪ An evaluation of the historiographic value of the text of the Guannan Oath as contained in Sanchao beimeng huibian, which up to now has been overlooked.

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