Departmental Bulletin Paper 19~20世紀の中国語教育史を研究するための資料 ―鱒澤彰夫氏寄贈図書の目録編纂作業とその特徴

氷野, 善寛

49pp.515 - 527 , 2016-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
This paper describes the process of cataloging some 10,000 volumes of primary source materials on Chinese-language education and related literature donated to the Center for the Study of Asian Cultures in 2015 by Masuzawa Akio, a specialist in the history of Chinese-language education in Japan. It also introduces some of the more important materials contained in this collection. These include precious sources for the study of Meiji-era Chinese-language education and research that are unavailable elsewhere, such as Fukuzawa Susumu’s Pekin kanwa zensho, a compendium of the Beijing dialect of Mandarin Chinese; the Jiujiang Shuhui edition of Kuan Hua Chih Nan, a primer of Mandarin; Odagiri Masunosuke’s personal copy of Ajia gengo shu, a Beijing Mandarin textbook; and an original rubbing of the inscription on Kawakami Chikayoshi’s gravestone. Nor is the collection restricted to Chinese-language education; it also has ample source materials on education in other languages, especially pre-war Japanese-languageeducation.

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