Departmental Bulletin Paper 曲直瀬道三の察証弁治 ―泌尿器疾患を中心に

熊野, 弘子

49pp.495 - 513 , 2016-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
This paper takes a concrete look at Manase Dosan’s Satsusho Benchi, a Japanese edition of the difficult original Chinese Bianzheng Lunzhi. In order to investigate specific individual examples of his diagnostic and clinical approach to diseases, the paper focuses on the treatment of urological disorders, particularly enuresis and incontinence, in medical texts of Dosan’s school. The results may be summarized as follows. Dosan based his writings on direct transmission from his teacher, supplemented by paraphrases and quotations from a wide range of Chinese medical texts. Such Chinese texts were sometimes quite verbose and overly detailed, but Dosan managed to provide a clear and economical explication of the main points of Bianzheng Lunzhi; based on the basic eight-principle pattern identification, which includes diagnoses of vacuity/repletion, cold/heat, and exterior/interior conditions, he gave an orderly presentation of these diagnoses with relevant symptoms and treatments. Such is the content of Satsusho Benchi, a work which may succeed in shedding light on an important aspect of the reception of Chinese medicine in Japan.

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