Departmental Bulletin Paper 山口県佐波郡における泊園書院出身者の 事業活動の一考察 ―実業家尾中郁太・古谷熊三を中心に―

横山, 俊一郎

49pp.435 - 451 , 2016-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
This paper investigates the business activities and the underlying ethics of Onaka Ikuta, founder of the Enden Savings Bank in Saba-gun, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and his brother-in-law Furuya Kumazo, in order to better understand the nature of businessmen who graduated from Hakuen Shoin, a private academy of Chinese studies. This study draws on a travelogue by Onaka entitled Soko nichjo and a work of political commentary by Furuya, Kokkaron, as sources of insight into their thought previous to and during their involvement with managing the bank. This examination reveals that both men shared the aim of establishing what we would call an open and fair national ethic of economics that would control “selfishness,” “greed,” “violence,” and “swindling.” Yet differences between the two may also be seen: Ikuta emphasized the importance of the cultivation of conscience by means of religion; Kumazo stressed the correction of behavior by means of the law. It may be that the coexistence of these two processes of religion and law are a central element in the uniqueness of these two individuals and their work.

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