Departmental Bulletin Paper 「新儒家」の誕生に関する一考察

鈴木, 章伯

49pp.399 - 418 , 2016-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
The publication of Eastern and Western cultures and their philosophies by Liang Shuming and the controversy over science and metaphysics which was instigated by Zhang Junmai are recognized as a Merkmal of the beginnings of the construction of the New Confucianist discourse. However, previous studies, especially in descriptions of the beginning of New Confucianism around the time of the May Fourth Movement or New Culture Movement, because of their lack of concern for the views of the Other, fail to deal comprehensively with both of the realities mentioned above. This paper describes the process of Zhang Junmai’s conversion from social science to philosophy by taking into account the socio-cultural context of that time, and shows that Hu Shi’s criticism of Henri Bergson and his philosophy of life brought about the rediscovery of New Confucianism from the perspective of the Other.

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