Departmental Bulletin Paper 宮崎市定の中国史像の形成と世界史構想

呂, 超

49pp.353 - 376 , 2016-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
As is well known, Miyazaki Ichisada (1901‒1995) is one of the preeminent Japanese postwar scholars in the field of Chinese history, but his research interests did not stop there; he left a scholarly legacy that includes wide-ranging research on East-West relations and the history of Asia. Moreover, Miyazaki grasped history with the long view of a generalist, and argued that Chinese history should be studied from a world-historical perspective rather than being confined to the framework of a single nation. On the other hand, Miyazaki is well known for having been the first in Japanese academic circles to emphasize the existence of the historical phenomenon of the city-state in ancient China. This paper investigates a number of papers by Miyazaki which treat of his theory of city-states, and after examining the view of ancient Chinese history which he constructed,clarifies the relationship between his concept of world history and his theoretical approach to China’s ancient city-states. It also traces the formative process of Miyazaki’s conception of world history, analyzing its structure in the context of the social ideologies of the time, and elucidating the nature and characteristics of his philosophy of world history.

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