Departmental Bulletin Paper 『朱子家礼』の変容 ―『応酬彙選』の場合―

三浦, 國雄

49pp.73 - 88 , 2016-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
The “transformation” suggested in the title of this paper does not mean an intrinsic transformation of the text of the Zhuzi jiali itself - an alteration deriving from the struggle between fundamentalist (prescriptive) and situational( adaptive) readings of the text or notes-rather, it denotes an extrinsic transformation. This extrinsic transformation may be seen in the Qing‒dynasty Yingchou huixuan considered here. This work consists of two volumes: a collection of letters and the text of the Jiali; the latter volume also contains a number of prefaces and appreciations, positioning the Jiali( or the concept of the Jiali) within the category of yingchou, or social intercourse. In other words, the attention and emphasis is directed outside the text itself, where a variety of social intercourse outside the clan has been routinized in the form of letters of greeting and appreciation( tieshi). It is here that we can see the transformation, not so much in the text of the Jiali itself, but in the significance of the Jiali or the concept of it. Through the Yingchou huixuan the text extends its antennae toward society and the community, and a Jiali-or an image of it-appears as a point of contact in human relations.

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