Departmental Bulletin Paper 「SRA Reading Laboratory」を使った授業から見える大学生の英語読解力の低下について
The Decline of Reading Ability in Japanese University Students Observed Through the "SRA Reading Laboratory"

李, 春喜

This is a case study that shows, by using the “SRA Reading Laboratory” published by McGrawHill, what changes took place among Japanese university students between 2000 and 2014. Level 2a of the “SRA Reading Laboratory” is divided into six levels based on difficulty. I regard the bottom two levels to consist of “poor readers,” the top three levels to consist of “good readers,” and the fourth level from the top (i.e. the third level from the bottom) as “average.” I compare the number of students who have reached each level between students in 2000 and those in 2014. The results show that not much difference can be seen among those described as “average” between 2000 and 2014, but the numbers of those described as “good” and “poor” are inversed during the same period, which indicates the reading ability in Japanese university students is drastically declining.

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