Departmental Bulletin Paper 吉田健一と英文学
Kenichi Yoshida and English Literature

宇佐見, 太市

This paper attempts to examine closely and verify demonstratively an overall image ofKenichi Yoshida (1912-1977), a man of letters in Japan, especially in order to clarify and define his profile as a scholar of English literature. By going back and reviewing Yoshida’s literary statements and also looking at the remarks of the persons concerned, we will be able to know Yoshida’s doctrine of English literary studies in Japan, that is to say, his life-centered ideology, which has been lost in the branch of English literature in Japan today, and then to see forward-looking attitudes and methods in the studies of English literature in Japan. It will be worth noting that there are no treasures more precious than Yoshida’s literary works. Kenichi Yoshida tells us that the present researchers in Japan who devote themselves to English literature should think of a more appropriate and prolific way to plow back into society.

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