Departmental Bulletin Paper 漢代における軍費推算の資料と方法-軍事費の定量的把握のための覚書-

藤田, 高夫  ,  FUJITA, Takao

2016-03-31 , 関西大学大学院東アジア文化研究科
This paper discusses some historical resources and method to estimate military expenditures in the Han period. As a first example,the author examines a campaign by the Han dynasty against the Tibetan tribes during 61-60 B.C. Secondly,he analyses a method to conduct calculations of the military cost using item of expenditure. Then,he examines an estimation of number of soldiers in the Han period. As a conclusion,the author emphasizes the risk of military campaign against the imperial finance in contradistinction to standing force.

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