Departmental Bulletin Paper 青木正児における中国文学史観に関する考察(一)

辜, 承堯

文部科学省グローバルCOEプログラム 関西大学文化交渉学教育研究拠点
In the 1890s, a large number of books on the history of Chinese Literature were written in Japan. They were the earliest in the world, on a high level and rich in content. Judging from quantity, it may be said that the research of Chinese literature was considerably accumulated during the period, however, Taro Hatano said that the study of the Chinese history of literature was not promoted very much from the Taisho period to the early Showa period. This paper focuses on Masaru Aoki, one of the representative Chinese scholars in the early part of the Showa period. Through an analysis of Aoki's major works, the author will outline the contours of Aoki's Chinese literary research, and verify the viewpointshown by Tara Hatano.

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