Departmental Bulletin Paper 高芙蓉と江戸時代における舶載書法篆刻資料 : 複篆された『古今公私印記』を中心として

李, 寧  ,  LI, Ning

2016-03-31 , 関西大学大学院東アジア文化研究科
The middle of the eighteenth century,Gao Furong,who has been honored as one of Japan's sages of Seal Carving. He recover 52 pieces of Seal Carving when his was 47,according to the records in Zhang Yanyuan' s book “All Previous Dynasties Painting Record" the third part“Instruction to Ancient and Modern Seal" in Tang Dynasty and before. Gao Furong recover the several parts of seals based on the ancient calligraphy scripts and seal scripts he has seen. However,t hose without the basis for seal,Gao Furong adopted personal advocate the creation style follow the seal of the Qin and Han dynasties. In the process of recovery and creation of these seals,ship-borne calligraphy seal carving information provides Gao Furong the related information,thus it can be seen the effect of calligraphy seal carving materials for Gao Furong. This article discuss the relationship between ship-borne calligraphy seal carving information and Gao Furong recover the carving of“Instruction to Ancient and Modern Seal “from the following three aspects. One is book “All Previous Dynasties Painting Record" ship-borne; the second is recovery the carving basis on the Edo period ship-borne calligraphy scripts; the third is the evolution of the style and ship-borne seals scripts in Han dynasty.

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