Departmental Bulletin Paper 魯迅とバイロンの宗教的詩劇『カイン』

陳, 維  ,  CHEN, wei

2016-03-31 , 関西大学大学院東アジア文化研究科
During Lu Xun's early years studying in Japan,He wrote an article On the Power of Romantic Poetry(「魔羅詩力説」)to introduce western literary. In this paper,Lu Xun focused on Byron,one of Romantic Poets. In these introductory commentaries,one ofthose commentaries is about Byron's religious drama Cain. Masako Kitaoka (北岡正子), an expert studying Lu Xun, discovered there were original materials for those commentaries,which means Lu Xun consulted these materials when he wrote these introductions and comments for Cain. Based on the researches of Masako Kitaoka,this paper mainly talk about two issues: one is whether Lu Xun did read Cain(no matter which language version) or not; the other is how Lu Xun selected Kimura Takataro (木村鷹太郎)'s materials,and Lu Xun's attitudes towards Cain.

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