Departmental Bulletin Paper 北村弥一郎の景徳鎮窯業調査に見る施釉
Ceramic Glazing of Jingdezheng Porcelain in Kitamura Yaichiro’s Report

郭, 楠

Modern era Japan, which opened to the world during the Meiji Restoration, had a strong interest in the Chinese porcelain of the Qing dynasty. They were interested in adopting Qing’s ceramic expertise as a means of reviving their own porcelain export industry in order to compete with the rival Chinese. Many Japanese were sent to China to investigate the Chinese porcelain industry. Many of their records are still extant. In 1907, Kitamura Yaichiro, who was an engineer in the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce, was sent to Qing China. He wrote a detailed report of his findings at Jingdezhen known as “Report on the Findings of the Investigation of Qing Porcelain.” In China, the two most representative records regarding Chinese porcelain manufacture at Jingdezhen are Taoye Tushuo by Taoying written at the beginning of the eighteenth century, and Lan Pu’s Jingdezhen Taolu, written at the beginning of the nineteenth century. In this paper I will compare these Chinese records with Kitamura’s report in order to clarify the process of porcelain production at Jingdezhen. In particular, I will elucidate the important process of glazing as recorded in Kitamura’s report.

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