Departmental Bulletin Paper 荻生徂徠《论语徵》中关于《诗经》内容的独特解释
Ogyu Sorai’s Unique Interpretation of The Classic of Poetry as seen in His Rongocho

李, 楊

Ogyu Sorai (荻生 徂徠) was a Japanese Confucian philosopher of the Edo period. He is considered one of the most influential confucian philosophers of the period.  He founded the Kobunjigaku school of Confucianism, also known as “Sorai’s philosophy” (徂徠学). He harshly criticized the Neo-Confucian philosophy of Zhu Xi (朱子学的性理学) based on his own interpretation of the Confucian classics. Sorai's method of interpretation also influenced Kokugaku (Japanese National Learning). Rongocho is Sorai's commentary on The Analects of Confucius and was completed in 1718 when he was 53. Rongocho is famous for being the culmination of Sorai’s exegetical work. In this paper I shall discuss Sorai’s interpretation of The Classic of poetry (Shijing) as seen in his Rongocho. Through this analysis I hope to make clear the value of Sorai’s thought.

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