Departmental Bulletin Paper 吐蕃王国における多羅信仰の展開
Development of the Goddess Tārā in the Tufan Empire

索南, 卓瑪

Tāra (Sanskrit: तार, tārā; Tib. སྒྲོལ་མ) is one of the most popular goddesses of Ancient India. It is believed that she helps beings with the crossing of the sea of samsara. Ever since the introduction of Mahāyāna Buddhism into Tibet during the time of the Tufan Empire, Tāra has been an important object of worship in Tibetan Buddhism as well. In this paper, I first examine the way in which this goddess was treated and worshipped in India where these beliefs originally developed, and then I consider in which form and in what way these Tāra beliefs were introduced and how they developed during the period of the Tufan Empire in Tibet.

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