Departmental Bulletin Paper 横山光輝作『水滸伝』の構成と人物描写
The Study of Structure and Characters in the Comics Suikoden

張, 岑

In the 17th century, All Men Are Brothers (水滸伝), was introduced to Japan alongside other popular works of Chinese fiction. All Men Are Brothers gained enormous popularity among its Japanese readership. The Japanese even created their own fiction based on the original. All Men Are Brothers is still popular in Japan today. It has been reinvented into various forms in order to match contemporary tastes, and this includes comics. This paper investigates the first Japanese comics based on All Men Are Brothers, known as Suikoden (水滸伝) in Japanese and written by Yokoyama Mitsuteru (横山光輝). The author will focus on the structure and characters of All Men Are Brothers in order to clarify the relationship between Suikoden (水滸伝) and the original text.

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