Departmental Bulletin Paper 日清戦争錦絵調査 成歓・牙山の戦闘を題材とした作品について
The investigation into First Sino-Japanese War. The battle on Seonghwan and The battle on Asan about the work of the pictures

市村, 茉梨

This study will focus on the Japanese color woodblock prints that depict images of The battle of Seonghwan and The battle of Asan during the First Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895). This study looks at these color woodblock prints from a number of different angles. Even though these prints draw on the same motif, after careful inspection it is clear that there is a difference of artistic expression. This difference of expression may have been a commercial strategy used by painters and ukiyo-e publishers. The number of different expressions perhaps led to the popularity of the initial Sino-Japanese War color woodblock prints.

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