Departmental Bulletin Paper 清代山東漁船の朝鮮漂着について
Shandong Fishing Ships of Qing Dynasty Shipwrecked in Korea

劉, 海萌

Due to the geographic proximity of the Shandong Peninsula to the Korean Peninsula, exchanges took place there frequently from ancient times through to the Qing Dynasty. The Huanghai sea and the Bohai sea are the most important fishing areas adjacent to the Shandong Peninsula. During the Qing Dynasty,fishery in Shandong Province began to flourish due to the government lifting its ban on maritime trade. Meanwhile, many Chinese sailing ships became shipwrecked and drifted to Korea. Specific information regarding these incidents are recorded in the related documents of China, Korea, and Japan. This paperlooks at the actual activities of these Shandong sailing ships that drifted onto Korea. Fishing area, products and time span shall be looked at in detail. This research is based on an examination of the records of the Joseon Dynasty, as well as local chronicles from Shandong Province and related Japanesedocuments.

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