Journal Article Rescue Support System with DTN for Earthquake Disasters

EBARA, Hiroyuki  ,  MATSUZAKI, Raito  ,  MURANAKA, Noriaki

E98-B ( 9 )  , pp.1832 - 1847 , 2015-09 , The Institute of Electronics, Informationa and Communicaton Engineers
ICICE Transactions Online 一般社団法人電子情報通信学会
In a previous paper, we proposed a rescue support system for victims buried in an earthquake disaster by constructing an ad-hoc network using home-server based smart homes. However, this system has the following two problems: i) it cannot ensure sufficient density of home servers to realize adequate WLAN coverage, ii) the system does not consider areas in which home servers cannot be used such as parks and factories, for example. In this paper, we propose a new method using a delay tolerant network (DTN) technique. In this method, rescuers (such as rescue teams) with mobile devices relay information between disconnected networks by walking around during rescue activities. For a performance evaluation, we performed simulation experiments using a map of Abenoku, Osaka. From our results, we show that the proposed method increases the information acquisition rate, and that the network can be maintained. We also quantitatively show the penetration rate of smart homes needed for our system. In addition, we show that the rescue request system is more effective than other systems, and the method with the mobile device relay is better than without this method.

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