Departmental Bulletin Paper 外国語教育における「翻訳」の再考 ― メタ言語能力としての翻訳規範―

山田, 優  ,  YAMADA, Masaru

2015-10 , 関西大学 外国語学部
Translation norms are one of the major concepts in Translation Studies. They include the translation of general values or ideas shared by a group, i.e., what is considered to be conventionally right or wrong, adequate or inadequate, into performance instructions appropriate for and applicable to particular situations (Toury, 1995). Norms are in a sense socially acquired tendencies, and competence in them should inform professional translators’ decision-making processes. Based on this notion, this paper will elucidate the effect of ‘translation’in foreign language teaching, so-called TILT (Cook, 2010). In particular, the author explores possible applications of ‘translation norms’ into language classroom settings in order to enhance learners’ meta-linguistic competence.

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