Departmental Bulletin Paper 満洲史と東北史のあいだ ―稲葉岩吉と金毓黻の交流より―

毛利, 英介

48pp.343 - 363 , 2015-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
This paper is an investigation of the relationship between Inaba Iwakichi, regardedas the key figure in prewar Japan in the field of Mansenshi, or Manchurian-Korean history, and Jin Yufu, seen as the founding figure in China of the field of Dongbei-shi, or Northeastern history. Inaba Iwakichi and the nature of his work on Mansenshi has already attracted a certain amount of historiographical attention. However, this has primarily been from scholars concerned with Korean history. This paper will analyze Inaba and his Mansenshi from the perspective of Manchurian history. In this regard, it will focus on the relationship between Japanese research in Manchurian history and what may be regarded as its Chinese counterpart, research in Northeastern history. Specifically, it will examinethe relationship between Inaba Iwakichi and Jin Yufu, the Chinese pioneer of Northeasternhistorical studies, using Jin’s diary, Jingwushi riji, as a primary source for examining Jin’s perspective on his relationship with Inaba.

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