Departmental Bulletin Paper マスジェドにおける現在のズィールー(綿製敷物)の使用状況 ―イラン・ヤズド州メイボドおよび近郊の事例から―

吉田, 雄介

48pp.229 - 247 , 2015-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
This paper presents a survey of the present state of use of the zilu (cotton carpets) traditionally donated to sacred places in the Meybod region and surrounding areas of Yazd ostan in Iran. The names of the donors, the year of the donation, and other data are woven into these zilu. Study of these brief texts provides us with a variety of information. The author has collected such information from more than 200 zilu from 14 masjed and imamzade(mausoleum) and surveyed the conditions of their use in these places. Analysis of this information has produced the following conclusions: (1) Of the zilu surveyed, about 60 percent dated to the latter half of the twentieth century. (2) Even so, zilu donated as far back as the 17th century were still in use alongside the more recent donation. (3) At present, in many cases newly machine-woven carpets have been laid on top of the zilu, concealing them from view. (4) In rooms less frequented by people, the zilu are being used without such new covering. (5) Since the Islamic Revolution, the importance of masjed has increased and they have grown in size and number. As a result, zilu donated to neighboring imamzade are being used in the masjed.

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