Departmental Bulletin Paper 鄧輝著とベトナムにおける「二十四孝原編」

佐藤, トゥイウェン

48pp.187 - 211 , 2015-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
「二十四孝原編」 (a printed book, now in the possession of the Hanoi Sino-Nom ResearchInstitute) was edited in 1867 by Dang Huy Tru (鄧輝著, and was included in『四十八孝詩畫全集』). However, until now there has been virtually no research done in Vietnam on 「二十四孝原編」. This paper will compare the 「 二十四孝原編」 (included in『四十八孝詩畫全集』) in Vietnam with the「二十四孝原編」 (carried in『三餘堂叢刻』) of China to clarify its reception, diffusion and transformation in Vietnam. We point out thatboth of them have similar contents and that「二十四孝原編」 (carried in『三餘堂叢刻』) is the original manuscript of the 「二十四孝原編」 (included in 『四十八孝詩畫全集』). However, it was not regarded as the original manuscript. It can be argued that 「二十四孝原編」 (included in 『四十八孝詩畫全集』) reveals characteristic features of Vietnamese style.

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