Departmental Bulletin Paper 變文資料再整理―「舜子變」

玄, 幸子

48pp.69 - 88 , 2015-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
The Tun-huang story of Shun as a boy is the most substantial text for a historical study of Chinese colloquial language. It has noticeable colloquial features for vocabulary, phonology, and grammar. There are only two manuscripts (S.4654 and P.2721v) written about the story of Shun from Tun-huang. The two manuscripts have a head title and an end title that identify the text as Shun-tzu pien i chuan (舜子變一巻) and Shun-tzu Chihhsiao pien-wen i chuan (舜子至孝變文一巻). This paper gives a critical interpretation of the story of Shun as a boy through a collation and supplements to the Collection of the Tun-huang Pien-wen (敦煌變文).

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