Departmental Bulletin Paper 泊園文庫の新出印章と藤津黄坡の印章について

吾妻, 重二  ,  AZUMA, Juji

2015-03-31 , 関西大学 大学院東アジア文化研究科
文部科学省グローバルCOEプログラム 関西大学文化交渉学教育研究拠点
There are a lot of stamps in Hakuen collection of Kansai University. I published "Seals of Hakuen collection" in 2013, but recently 6 stamps were newly found in Kansai University Library. In addition,FUJISAWA Koha's 21 imprints are also left now. In this essay, I'd like to introduce these stamps and add some explanation.

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