Departmental Bulletin Paper どのグループの論証文作成力が命題論理・リフレクションシート作成・批判という3つの指導に関する評価と相関があるか
In which group, is there a correlation between the argumentative writing skill and the evaluation of three teachings : teaching propositional logic, how to fill out a reflection-sheet, and efutation?
ドノ グループ ノ ロンショウブン サクセイリョク ガ メイダイ ロンリ リフレクション シート サクセイ ヒハン トイウ 3ツ ノ シドウ ニ カンスル ヒョウカ ト ソウカン ガ アルカ

平柳, 行雄

(47)  , pp.73 - 85 , 2018-03-01 , 大阪女学院短期大学
論証文作成力によって受講生を3 グループ(上位・中位・下位群)に分類し、このクリティカルシンキングの授業で、どのグループの論証文作成力に向上が認められたかを検証した結果、上位・中位群の受講生に有意差が認められた。さらに、命題論理・リフレクションシート作成・批判という3 つの指導に関する受講生の評価と論証文作成力向上に有意差が認められた2 グループの論証文作成力の評価との相関関係を検証した。その結果、上位群も中位群も3 つの指導との間に有意差が認められる相関係数は測定できなかった。但し、授業で実施した誤り分析という批判指導は、有意差は検証されなくても、上位群の論証文作成力の評価との間に相対的に高い相関係数が測定できた。
All the students enrolled in the Critical Thinking class for academic year of 2017 were divided, according to their argumentative writing skills, into three groups: advanced, intermediate, and less-advanced. T-value was measured as a significant test as to which group improved their writing skills as a result of studying in this class. It was verified that significant differences were found in the improvement of the advanced and intermediate groups' skills. Correlation coefficients were then measured between their writing skills of these two groups and their evaluation of each of three teachings: (1) propositional logic, (2) how to fill out a reflection-sheet and (3) refutation. As a result, it was verified that no significant differences were found between the two groups' writing skills and the evaluation of three teachings, although a relatively high correlation coefficient was found between teaching of refutation, analyzing their common errors in class and the advanced group's writing skill.

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