Departmental Bulletin Paper Two Contrasting Processes of the Mythologisation of Constitutions in English and Japanese
エイゴ ト ニホンゴ ニ オケル タイショウテキ ナ ケンポウ ノ シンカ ノ カテイ

Hatashin, Omi

(14)  , pp.33 - 51 , 2018-03-01 , 大阪女学院大学
This paper compares and contrasts a process of mythologisation, which has helped make Magna Carta an icon for freedom and democracy, against another process, which led to make Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan becoming an icon for pacifist-leaning nationalism, with reference to Jacques Ellul's theory of propaganda. The purpose of such a comparative enquiry is to show that the latter process in the Japanese language is quite different from the former process in the English language, which has given birth to the modern concept of constitution guaranteeing the legally-enforceable bill of human rights. For reasons which are set out in this paper, the mythologisation of Magna Carta helped establish the rule of law, while that of Article 9 tends to undermine it.

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