Departmental Bulletin Paper An Exploratory Comparative Study of the Promotion of Child Restraint Seat Use In Japan

Ogasawara, Mellisa  ,  Chiba, Atsuko  ,  Kawauchi, Kie

16pp.45 - 53 , 2016-3 , 青森県立保健大学研究推進・知的財産センター研究開発科雑誌編集専門部会
The rate of use for child restraint seats (CRSs) in Japan is significantly lower than in other developed countries.Fifteen years after the introduction of compulsory restraint seat use, the national rate is 62.7% compared with over 90% experienced in other countries such as Australia, the U.K and Sweden. The low level of use in Japan is a serious concern, and it raises questions about the promotional methods used to increase public awareness of the risks associated with non-use and misuse of CRSs. This preliminary study was aimed at identifying the key differences in methods used in promoting CRS use in Japan with those used in countries that have high levels of restraint seat use. It was found that current methods used for promoting CRS use in Japan are significantly different, and the findings clearly illustrate Japan’s promotion of and research into safety seat use lag behind promotion and research in other eveloped nations. It is hoped that the findings in this preliminary study help to lay the groundwork that will lead to more in-depth investigations into how Japan can develop future campaigns that are more effective in changing people’s attitudes and behavior towards the use of child restraint seats so that the safety of all children at all times is ensured.

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