Departmental Bulletin Paper 看護師のストレスに対するリラクセーション技法を用いたセルフケアマネジメント

山本, 加奈子  ,  木村, 恵美子  ,  柴田, 麻由子

16pp.1 - 11 , 2016-3 , 青森県立保健大学研究推進・知的財産センター研究開発科雑誌編集専門部会
【目的】看護師が自身のストレスに対するセルフケアマネジメントの効果を検討する。【方法】対象は病院勤務の看護師、コントロール群(リラクセーション技法の集団教育)27 名、介入群(集団教育+アロママッサージ、リンパドレナージ)13 名であった。介入前後に3 種類の質問紙調査と自由記載を求めた。統計解析および質的帰納的に分析した。倫理審査委員会の承認を得て、自由意思での参加を求め、プライバシーを遵守して行なった。【結果】GHQ28 は介入群で「身体的症状」「社会的活動障害」「うつ傾向」の改善に有意差があった。Brief COPE はコントロール群で「気晴らし」に有意差があった。職務満足度は両群とも有意差はなかった。自由記載は両群共通して【心身ともに癒される】【自己・他者へのケアリングのきっかけ】のカテゴリーが見出された。【考察】リラクセーションは、自身で行うもの、他者の手を介するもの、それぞれに有効な効果があると考えられた。セルフケアマネジメントとして継続への支援が必要である。【Purpose】To examine the effects of self-care management for stress on nurses working in hospitals.【Method】Nurses who participated in the study were divided into two groups, a control group(27nurses) and an intervention group(13nurses). The control group was given instruction in relaxation methods, while the intervention group was given instruction as well as administered aromatherapy treatments and lymphdrainage treatments by therapists.All participants filled out surveys before and after the interventions they received. Surveys consisted of Scaled General Health Questionnaire-28(GHQ-28),Brief COPE, job satisfaction and self evaluations. Data analysis was first performed using descriptive statistical analysis of all variables. A univariate analysis was performed to determine the effect of the interventions (p<0.05). The qualitative data were then categorized appropriate1y. All participants provided consent for the study. The study was also approved by ethics review committees of both the participating hospital and Aomori University of Health and Welfare.【Results】Somatic symptoms, social dysfunction, and severe depression were identified among the intervention group by GHQ-28. The Brief COPE provided significant differences between the groups. There were no significant differences between groups when comparing pre- and post-intervention survey data. The qualitative data regarding participants’ perceptions regarding the interventions they had received were classified under the following categories : "I was completely healed" and "I'm able to better care for myself and others".【Discussion】Each of relaxation care by own self or using therapist' s hands was suggested that had an effect to alleviate the stress. But, it needs to support to continue for self-care management.

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