Departmental Bulletin Paper ユーラシア草原中東部における車輌岩画の分布と特性
Analyzing the Characteristics of Rock Paintings in Central-Eastern Eurasian Grassland

特日根巴彦尓  ,  王, 達来

13pp.43 - 61 , 2016-03-00 , 龍谷大学大学院国際文化研究論集編集委員会
本稿は、特日根巴彦尓(内蒙古博物院)氏による「欧亜草原中東部地区車輌岩画的分布特点及内容分析」(『草原文物』2012年第2期)を翻訳したものである。ユーラシア大陸の中西部から黄河流域へ伝わる車の伝播ルートは複数ある。具体的には、「アルタイ山脈-ハンガイ山脈-ゴビ砂漠(モンゴル国南部、中国内モンゴル自治区北部)」という北路、「天山山脈-河西回廊」という中路と「パミール高原-チベット高原-河西回廊」という南路が挙げられる。しかし、岩画にみる二輪車と四輪車とでは伝播ルートと時期が異なり、四輪車はアルタイ山脈北麓を中心に東へ広まり、ゴビ砂漠にとどまる。 I suggest that there were several routes where vehicles had been imported to Mongolia (Yellow river area) from the central and western areas of Eurasia. The northern route is ■Altai Mountains – Khangai Mountains – Gobi area of Mongolia (southern part of Mongolia and the northern-central part of Inner Mongolia of China)■. The middle and southern routes are ■Tianshan Mountains – Hexi Corridor■ and ■Pamirs – Northern Qinghai – Tibet plateau – Hexi Corridor■. The import route and period of two-wheeled chariot and four-wheeled chariot are quite different. The import route of two-wheeled chariot are the same with the above-mentioned three routes, while four-wheeled chariot have only been imported through the northern route, to the Mongolian Gobi area (In China, it has only been found in petroglyphs of Toin Lamyn Sum-Oloon-ovoo area in Inner Mongolia.) The culture of four-wheeled chariot have not been imported to the Yellow River area.

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