Departmental Bulletin Paper 節談説教の文化的研究
A Cultural Study of the Fushidan Preaching

角岡, 賢一

(25)  , pp.103 - 116 , 2016-03-00 , 龍谷大学グローバル教育推進センター
In this paper, the focus will be put on the Jodo-shinshu practice of preaching method of the Fushidan. The Buddhism way of preaching has been the long tradition on the one hand, and the origin of all the narrative arts such as Rakugo, Kodan, Manzai, Sekkyo-bushi and Gidayu-bushi. The narrative structure of the Buddhism preaching has been quite systematic in that the paragraphic structure is established: the Introduction of the doctorine - the Description - the Metaphor - the Affinity - the Conclusion. Another characteristic of the Fushidan preaching is the melodic narration, which is inherited to Gidayu-bushi among others. The mental feature of the Fushidan preaching is the religious ethos of the Buddhism tradition.

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