Departmental Bulletin Paper 政策科学はなぜ必要なのか : 維持可能な内発的発展を求めて
Why Policy Science is Necessary? : In Search of Sustainable Endogenous Development

宮本, 憲一

5 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 12 , 2016-01-25 , 龍谷大学政策学会
Policy Science could not be made by bureaucrat of central government and citizen make policy to be science. The policy science is similar to clinical medicine rather than pathology, so that we should go into field we investigate and make a policy. In this aspect, a new academic culture has been created. But an education method has not been established yet such as a faculty of law and economics which have the principles and the developed systems in themselves. I meant to establish a six year college course, but for the arts subject there various difficulties laid in present university. I was writing "A Critical History of Environmental Pollution in the Postwar Japan." I would like to tell on the endogenous development without pollution problems from historical lesson. Accompanying rapid economic growth, Japanese cities had experienced a hellish situation that environmental destruction such as air and water pollution was worse than recent China. But the government didn't regulate the polluter. In 1963~1964 antipollution citizen movement of Mishima, Numazu, Shimizu in Shizuoka prefecture is a first revolutionary event. They stopped the regional development of central government and big company for protection of environment and regional industries, Since then the antipollution citizen movement spread the nationwide. In 1967 the government established the Basic Law for Pollution Control for pressure of antipollution opinion and movement. I learned a new Endogenous Development from Mishima-Numazu case. And more I learned it from Okinawa case, but save this contents. Lastly I would like to suggest the Sustainable Society as common goal of human being.

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