Departmental Bulletin Paper 社会の持続性を拓く人間の創造力を発揮させる技術 : E・F・シューマッハーに導かれて
Sustainability for Society based on the Intermediate Technology of E. F. Schumacher

藤本, 穣彦

4 ( 2 )  , pp.139 - 151 , 2015-03-17 , 龍谷大学政策学会
In this paper, I tried to consider "Sustainability for Society" based on renewable energy resources at the rural community. I've re-constituted the E. F. Schumacher's "Intermediate Technology" as a practical social theory. "Small is Beautiful; a study of economics as if people mattered"(1973) is the text book. At first, I showed the current condition of typical rural village in Japan, which was developed by modernity over 80 years. Second, I examined some internal problems inside technology and the results of joining the power of technology to human wants. In addition, I pointed out the essence of human nature, the system of production by the masses mobilized clear brains and skillful hands, the land where intermediate technologies are grown up together with E. F. Schumacher. At the result, I found that intra-constructing relationships between natural resource and social system through intermediate technologies, which can control and manage technologies for the purpose of social sustainability.

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