Departmental Bulletin Paper 地域計画型総合計画の現状と課題
The current state of affairs and issues of "the comprehensive planning modeled on regional planning" of local government

田中, 富雄

4 ( 2 )  , pp.153 - 170 , 2015-03-17 , 龍谷大学政策学会
都市型社会の成立と分権型社会の進展に伴う公共政策の分節、地域計画型分野別計画の広がりの中で、総合計画は「自治体政府計画型」から「地域計画型」 に漸進している。総合計画が、「地域計画型総合計画」に進化することで、市民は自治体政府を統制し得ることになる。しかしながら、「自治体政府計画型総合計画」から「地域計画型総合計画」への進化には困難さを伴う。その課題を克服しながら「地域計画型総合計画」の適正な策定と運用に向けた制度開発が求められている。 Within the segmentation of public policies that accompany the formation of urban society and the development of decentralized society, as well as the expansion of the type of regional planning and sector planning, comprehensive planning has been progressing from "the type of local government planning" to "the type of regional planning". With comprehensive planning evolving into "comprehensive planning modeled on regional planning", the residents will be able to control local government. However, difficulty accompanies the evolution of "comprehensive planning,modeled on local government planning" into "comprehensive planning, modeled on regional planning". It is necessary to overcome such difficulties and while doing so,develop the system directed toward the appropriate formulation of policies and their implementation for "comprehensive planning, modeled on regional planning".

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