Departmental Bulletin Paper NHKラジオ放送の子ども番組にみる「童謡」の音楽的変容 - 戦後の童謡を中心に -

大地, 宏子||オオチ, ヒロコ||Ochi, Hiroko

10pp.69 - 82 , 2018-03 , 中部大学現代教育学部
In this article we put a light on the musical factors in after-war children's song given birth from NHK radio programs, and put thought into the comparison and change from before-war Taisho age children's song and children's song records that prospered before and after the war. Regarding after-war children's song, we went through activity policies and sequence of creation of “Roba no kai< formed by the rising music writers of that age, and through analysis of the music clips, we made clear their vision of after-war children's song (vision towards music) and also a part of their specific musical characteristic. The change in music made clear here, which were the new melodies and rhythm, various harmonies with semitones, musical ideas that were not seen in before-war children's music, could be said to be a phenomenon caused through creative research with the poets that provided the lyrics (words). After-war children's song was developed, and a path towards the present was created through a partnership between poets breaking out from Taisho age children's song in search for new lyrics, and music writers beginning creative activity for new children's song with after-war modern harmony.

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