Departmental Bulletin Paper スマートフォンによるインターネット依存 - スマートフォン用アプリケーションによる依存スタイルの違いに着目して -

三島, 浩路||ミシマ, コウジ||Mishima, Koji

10pp.61 - 67 , 2018-03 , 中部大学現代教育学部
In this study, we conducted an exploratory research on smartphone internet dependency. In Survey 1, we used cluster analysis to examine applications for smartphones that had a high frequency of usage among teenagers and their relationship with dependency styles for smartphones. The results suggested that dependency styles may differ according to the smartphone application. In Survey 2, a questionnaire survey was conducted targeting about 150 university students. It examined the usage conditions of applications for smartphones, dependency styles for smartphones, and, in addition, awareness of dependency on smartphones. The results of the data analysis accumulated through the surveys suggested the possibility of the existence of a hierarchy of dependency styles for smartphones.

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