Departmental Bulletin Paper キューモ(Cumoc)による教育効果に関する実践報告 - 8年間の改善プロセスを中心に -

寺澤, 朝子||テラザワ, アサコ||Terazawa, Asako

17pp.113 - 118 , 2017-12-20 , 中部大学大学教育研究センター
This is a practice report on lectures using Cumoc, Chubu University Mobile Clicker System. After clarifying the teaching effects of the clicker from the previous researches, this report introduces how Cumoc has been used in the large classes for 8 years. Mainly multi-choice questions were used for roleplay, review and grasping the students' level of comprehension, while free-entry fields were used to intake students' opinions and questions. Obviously the methodology and frequency of Cumoc's usage should be changed according to the class content, though Cumoc is an effective tool for class improvement. This report also describes that a trial using Cumoc to the preview of the lecture in 2017 increases the time available of self-study of the students.

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